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NeuroShield® available in Israel  

August 2020

We are pleased to announce that Monarch Bioimplants and Sela Medical Ltd have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Israel and the Palestine Authority. 

Following FDA clearance and initial market entrance in the US hospitals, NeuroShield®, Monarch’s  flagship product has started to attract international attention. NeuroShield® is a chitosan-based  porous biodegradable innovative membrane developed to protect and to support the repair of  damaged peripheral nerves. 

Peripheral nerves are literally everywhere in the body and play vital roles. Depending on the location  and severity of an injury, peripheral nerve damage can lead to different impediments from numbness  and constant pain to loss of movement and sexual impotence.  

NeuroShield’s efficacy has been already proven in a clinical study conducted by the renowned urologist and surgeon Prof. Francesco Porpiglia from the University of Turin, Italy. Prof. Porpiglia  implanted NeuroShield in over 300 patients who had damaged the cavernous nerves around the  prostate during a radical prostatectomy. The outstanding results were published in international  medical journals and presented in conferences. 

Sela Medical Ltd has started the registration process of NeuroShield® in Israel and expects to start  commercialization before the end of the year. 

“We are very happy to have such a strong partner, Sela Medical on our side to distribute NeuroShield®  in Israel, which is one of the most advanced and competitive medical markets,” said Dr. Rivelino  Montenegro, CEO of Monarch Bioimplants.  

According to Sela’s president Zvika Sela, “the clinical results of NeuroShield® were a clear indication of  a breakthrough product, which will provide outstanding benefits for both patients and medical staff of  our country.”