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NeuroShield™ is implanted in live surgeries during international medical conference

January 2020

Every year in January surgeons from all over the world gather in Turin (Italy) for a renowned medical conference where live surgeries are performed while hundreds of doctors watch the most advanced techniques in action. 

From robot assisted surgeries to the use of augmented reality software with the implementation of artificial intelligence, the 8th International Techno-Urology Meeting at the University of Turin was an excellent opportunity for surgeons to get acquainted with NeuroShield™.

In two of the surgeries, NeuroShield™ was implanted and received a clear approval from the audience.

“It was very exciting to see in the main screen of the event, together with more than 300 doctors, NeuroShield™ been implanted during the live surgeries. Everyone observed how quick and easy NeuroShield™ is applied,” said Dr. Rivelino Montenegro, CEO of Monarch Bioimplants.

After the surgeries, many doctors visited the booth of Monarch Bioimplants in order to obtain more information about NeuroShield™.

“The event in Turin was an excellent opportunity for surgeons to learn about our technology. We all are very excited about the contacts that were made during the conference. In the next few weeks several new hospitals in the US will receive NeuroShield™.” Concluded Dr. Montenegro.