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Monarch Bioimplants receives positive feedback from US doctors

November 2019

After few weeks of launching NeuroShield at Texas Southwestern Medical Center, the innovative nerve repair membrane started receiving compliments from surgeons.

Dr. Jeffrey Cadeddu, one of the most renowned urologists in the U.S and the first surgeon to use NeuroShield in Texas confirmed that NeuroShield is very easy to apply. He looks forward to his other patients receiving NeuroShield as well as to get more NeuroShield in stock.

“Surgeons are extremely busy, therefore any new technology to be used in the surgery theater should not add complication to the procedure. In our clinical trials we have shown that the application of NeuroShield does not increase the operation time and all doctors who have used NeuroShield have confirmed how easy it is to handle and implant the device”, said Dr. Rivelino Montenegro, CEO of Monarch Bioimplants.

It is observed by doctors who have used different types of membranes for nerve repair that some materials can start to decompose during the required pre-wetting before implantation. This can create a time pressure since the medical staff must keep watching the device for the exact time for implantation. Also, some commercially available membranes are rather thick, making it more difficult to adapt to the nerve tissue at the site of implantation.

NeuroShield is a very thin, flexible and stable chitosan-based membrane which allows doctors to focus on the procedure itself instead of on the proper handling of the device. This clearly adds to the advantages of the NeuroShield to provide an easy application for surgeons and a better quality of life for patients.