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NeuroShield™ available at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

October 2019

We are very pleased to announce that the Value Analysis Committee of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center has approved NeuroShield™ to be used in its facilities.

Value analysis is a process for how medical organizations obtain devices, services, etc. It takes in consideration safety and outcomes first and then financial aspects. This ensures that high-quality supply and service decisions are made in a financially responsible approach.

Many stakeholders are involved in a hospital Value Analysis Committee therefore the value analysis activity is multifaceted. Patient care, rather than personal desire, is the focus. And, it requires subject matter expertise from across the organization to determine decision drivers, evaluate options and assess outcomes for patients and the organization.

“This approval is of great importance for this initial launching phase of NeuroShield™ in the US market. A green light from the Value Analysis Committee is a clear indication that the hospital welcomes the benefits and advantages of NeuroShield™ to the patients as well as to the hospital.” Said Dr. Rivelino Montenegro, CEO of Monarch Bioimplants.

Dr. Jeffrey Cadeddu, one of the most renown urologists in Texas will be the first one applying NeuroShield™ to his patients at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. This clearly indicates the value of the NeuroShield™ in a surgery in order to help with protection and repair of peripheral nerves.